About Us

Covenant EMS was founded in 2011 by Jimmy Dickerson. Jimmy is the oldest active paramedic in the state of Georgia and is proud to have served as a paramedic for over 38 years. Jimmy is also a registered nurse and has been such for the past 39 years. 

In 2018 Jimmy's son, Steve, came on board as a co-owner of the company. Steve is a retired paramedic and served his community as such for over 12 years. He is thrilled to be a part of Covenant's future. 

Eddie Brown is is the office manager for Covenant EMS. Eddie has been a paramedic since 1978 and is proud to have served his communities for so many years. Eddie is a valuable member of the Covenant team and plays a vital role. We're thrilled to have him!


Jimmy, Steve, and Eddie have a love and passion for the medical field which includes each and every one of their patients. They are excited to see the future growth of Covenant EMS and are excited to have you be a part of the future!